These Posters are Awesome!

These Posters are Awesome!

Some people are just too clever!


But you’d have to admit that these posters are awesome, who could look at these beautifully crafted pieces and and not say “WOW”!?

Admittedly they may not be to everyone’s taste BUT you still can’t deny the quality of the work.

It’s not every day that you come across such an inspired choice for a bit of graphic genre worship!



BnL Blue Print

Walking Dead Map

Predator Map

The styling, intricacy and detailing is phenomenal and we especially like the “Walking Dead” inspired map of the state of Georgia!

But the creativity doesn’t just stop at the graphic rendering… oh no, it goes way beyond. The “Predator” poster has a very clever trick up its sleeve.

Get this… the image changes when it’s exposed to variations in temperature. This means that the “Predator” in the poster vanishes before your very eyes!

This is the kind of added extra creative thought that inspires designers to explore new and interesting print techniques and finishes that bring something new to their design repertoire.

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