About Baboon

a graphic design, branding, digital agency based in Nottingham…

… how about we call it ‘Baboon’?!

Baboon Creative is a graphic design, branding, digital agency based in Nottingham. With over thirty years of creative, graphic design, advertising and digital experience under our belt, Baboon has evolved along with the many technologies and trends that have shaped and streamlined the creative and design industry into what it is today.

Over the past decade, as with most small companies along with the country/world as a whole, Baboon has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but it’s always succeeded in weathering whatever particular storm the universe (and/or the global economy) decides to throw at it and still stands as a testament to that fact!

Baboon has built its business on creative ability, experience and a solid reputation for delivering great design solutions and services to a wide and varied audience (including local, national and international businesses), on time and on budget. 
We are very proud of the fact that a large proportion of our new business arrives through referral and recommendation from our long term clients… probably the best accolade any design agency could hope to receive!

But let’s be honest, all you want to know right now is why on earth did we settle on ‘Baboon’?

Creating successful brands is one of the more challenging aspects of the creative industry and our  extensive experience tells us that MEMORABLE is always more desirable outcome that MEANINGFUL. Give that memorable idea a chance and it will soon blossom into a meaningful and, ultimately, valuable asset for your business. 
Should we have the opportunity to work together, your brand will hopefully learn to appreciate our approach and receive the bountiful benefits that this thought process can deliver!

If not, well at least you won’t forget us in a hurry! ^_^


Want more information or to discuss a potential design project? Please feel free to call us now on 0115 9503 956, or click here to email your enquiry

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With over 30yrs in the creative industry, Nigel has both the experience and hands-on design skills to tackle any creative challenge... and keep smiling!


Creative Director

Lesley is an approachable, adept marketer, copy writer and all-round new client account director with a wealth of UK and international business experience!


Account Director & Lead Marketer

Emma's role as project co-ordinator is just one of the many hats she's qualified to wear... and here's another one... nice isn't it!


Project Co-ordinator

Jamie is our resident caffeine powered marketing whizz and copywriter for everything from hard-hitting press releases to advertorials, leaflets and brochures.


PR & Marketing Executive

Dan leads our in-house design team. With his Mac whirring away quietly in the background, he excels at crafting dazzling visuals for print projects, marketing communications and websites.


Design Lead

Fluffy, hungry and mostly sleepy, Monty contributes NOTHING but photo opportunities and cuteness!


He's a Cat!


A graphic design, branding, digital agency based in Nottingham

Baboon Creative offers a full range of traditional and digital design services to help define and elevate businesses…

Creative & Marketing Strategy

Crafting creative and conceptual ideas is one thing, having the expertise and ability to apply them in a meaningful and coordinated fashion is something else. Luckily at Baboon we have the necessary skills to be able to think out-of-the-box whilst sticking to a plan and it’s that combination fluid creativity and competent project management that allows us to develop design solutions and marketing strategies in an holistic fashion, working from the ground up. If you think your brand and marketing strategies could do with a boost please feel free to get in touch

Logo Design & Branding

We’re in the business of making your business and your brand stand out rather than blend in. As a graphic design, branding, digital agency based in Nottingham, we’re well placed to provide design and development services nationwide. Branding is about so much more more than logo design. We can help you develop your offline and online identity and branding, raise your profile and achieve your goals. Click to find out how Baboon might help your business to bloom

Digital Design & Development

Content managed, mobile responsive, e-commerce, Search Optimisation, Social Media Marketing… whatever your business needs to succeed online we can deliver high quality, cost effective website design and development for off-the-peg themes or more complex and individual bespoke solutions. For every business an internet presence is essential, it doesn’t have to be all-bells-and-whistles BUT it should be there! Potential customers will increasingly be looking online to find products and services like yours and it’s our aim to ensure that your website is easy to find, quick to load, is accessible and engaging for all! If you’re looking to create your first website OR improve or revamp an existing one, please don’t hesitate to contact Baboon

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