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Branded Copy and Content for Corporate Literature and SEO

Whilst many people have a basic understanding of how branding design works from a visual perspective, ie logo’s, typography, colour palette and such, all working together to create an overarching sense of personality and consistency, what many people forget is that it’s just as important to ensure that any text that’s written for the company literature or website should also be written from a branded perspective… in other words it’s not always down to WHAT YOU SAY, it’s more often about THE WAY YOU SAY IT! Developing a corporate “tone of voice” is crucial to delivering a consistent narrative. This is particularly important when composing content for a website where ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (the thing that helps you get ranked on Google and increases your chances of being found by potential customers) is also a major consideration and something that ideally needs to be written in a quite prescriptive way. For years we’ve all been bamboozled by the whole ‘SEO’ thing, after all it can be a complex and counter intuitive discipline where what naturally sounds like it should be right can often be wrong and vice versa. Happily these days technology has stepped in, helping to simplify ‘SEO’ practices somewhat. But there are still rules that should be adhered to when writing content. Baboon Creative doesn’t profess to know everything about ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, but we know enough to ensure your site gets off to a decent start… after which we can certainly recommend a very competent ‘SEO’ specialist that will work with you to take your site to the next level!

Branded Copy and Content for Search Engine Optimisation

Baboon Creative has over thirty years of graphic design and advertising industry experience. For the past decade we’ve been designing and developing beautiful websites that work every bit as well as they look. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been THE buzz term of the past few years and righfully so as good search optimisation  (or “search optimism” as we like to call it) is one of the key components to being found on the internet which is essential if that’s where you do your business… so to speak! However ‘SEO’, as the science behind the writing effective digital content, changes all the time and these days there’re are so many more simple ways in which we are able to interact with the internet ourselves and improve our website ranking. Pretty much every website is unique by nature (SEO 101 – Thou shalt not duplicate web content) but not all ‘SEO’ techniques need to be tailored so specifically. Let Baboon Creative optimise your content to achieve the best initial search results. If you’re feeling inspired and would like to discuss an upcoming web design and development project, please feel free to get in touch

Logo Design & Branding

Your logo and brand identity are the most important elements for the promotion of your business and should be designed to ensure that it stands out from the crowd! When developed and deployed correctly your logo will be your badge of honour and your brand will tell the world exactly who you are, what you do and why. To find out how Baboon could help build a better brand for your business click here to read more about logo design and branding

Design for Digital

Together Baboon and its partners provide a range of great value, high quality graphic design, branding, digital design solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. Our digital design and development services include mobile responsive, content managed, e-commerce website design and development for both bespoke and off-the-peg website design solutions, Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing and social media marketing. If you’d like to know more about our digital and web design services please feel free to get in touch


In its purest form”creative graphic design” is all about forming ideas that help a business engage with its target audience. Creating great design and creative concepts comes from our ability to look at things differently, approach them from a different direction and make connections that others may have missed. Call it alchemy if you like, taking possibly abstract ideas and skilfully transforming them into something engaging and exciting. If you’d like to know more about our digital and web design services please feel free to get in touch

Marketing & Promotional

Any project, be it in print or online, will benefit from a consistent, corporate tone of voice back by a well considered and holistic marketing plan. The team at Baboon will help you to develop your marketing and promotional strategies and ensure that what you offer sounds every bit as good as you look! Click if you’d like to make an enquiry

Commercial Print

Through long term relationships with hand picked suppliers, Baboon is able to provide great quality print production services for all of your commercial print needs. From business cards and stationery to corporate and sales literature, brochures, for exhibition, display and online, press or outdoor advertising, Baboon will deliver high quality and best value solutions to elevate your brand. Click to find out more

Digital & Large Format Print

In addition to our commercial print resource, Baboon has access to a variety of great value, high quality digital print facilities delivering short run or even one-off print production and large format print for display, promotion and interior decoration. If you’d like more inforation please feel free to get in touch

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